Hearing Home: home-based hearing care center in Meilen

Why is Hearing Home a home-based hearing care center?

Let’s face it, we audiologists work in an industry often motivated by sales volume rather than ongoing kindness and attention to detail. Over time, I have seen colleagues losing the focus on what brought us to this career path in the first place, which is (or should be) the willingness to help those in need as much as we possibly can. Fortunately, there are still many professionals that operate with a human-centric approach to hearing care. I truly admire them; they love their jobs regardless of the business performance and will never compromise on the most important thing in our activity, which is in my opinion, the ‘relationship with clients’.

After 10 years as a Hearing Care Professional in small and big centers, I was up to a new challenge. I have decided to open my own studio and I searched inspiring concepts around me, both in Switzerland and abroad. Nothing was truly reasoning with my style and ambition. The large majority of hearing care professionals are today found in shopping malls, opticians and high traffic street. Relationships with consumers are oftentimes sales oriented (fit, buy, bye) and rather cold. While looking closely at these businesses I was obsessed by one question:

‘How can I make my patients feeling like GUESTS?’

Hearing_Home_Office_Meilen_Hearing Care Center

Hearing Home office in Meilen

That’s when I decided to go back to the origins, when the relationship between a HCP and his/her clients was key, and I took the risk to go against a well defined trend. I have just launched Hearing Home to offer private consultations and premium hearing solutions in-house, literally.

I couldn’t find a better location than my own home to build a familiar and informal environment that ‘my guests’ would respond to. Taking the time to listen to our guests’ successes and challenges along their entire rehabilitation journey will continue to be my mission.


I find the freedom to express concern, be heard, and be helped in real time critical to the ongoing success of one’s rehabilitation. I know this might be a controversial decision for some colleagues and several long-time clients. However, I believe many petients are not satisfied with a ‘low price / low quality’ approach and would rather enjoy premium services with an all-inclusive formula. This requires the complete re-focus on the patient’s needs and the professional strength, for instance, to define a maximum number of clients you can support in a given period in order to fulfill one-on-one attention.


Hearing Home Formula

Hearing Home Formula

In our job as audiologists the human touch is crucial, and it will continue to be. I believe that a ‘guest-centered‘ approach combined with high quality of service, hearing solutions can offer the highest satisfaction and overcome any e-commerce, deregulation or price war threat.

Wish me good luck!



Birgitte Hansen

Hearing Consultant and CEO, Hearing Home

Hearing Home GmbH is a home-based hearing care center located in Meilen, Zürich, Switzerland.

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