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Phonak Hörgeräte und private Hörberatung in Meilen, Zürich

1309, 2017

Audéo B-Direct: New Phonak Hearing Aids

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  Why Phonak Audéo B-Direct? Audéo B-Direct by Phonak is the newest device in the hearing aid industry and it features some interesting functionalities that I believe my clients, both new to hearing aids and experienced, will deeply enjoy as of mid-September. I have ranked the top five features that I consider life changing for mild to severe hearing loss consumers. 1. Connect to all cell phones (Made For All ‘MFA’) Audéo B-Direct easily connects to any mobile phone whether it runs on Android, iOS or other operative systems. As long as it uses the widely adopted Bluetooth® technology, your phone pairs with your Phonak hearing aid seamlessly. This means that my [...]

1209, 2017

Hearing Home Gives Human Touch to Hearing Care

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Hearing Home GmbH opens its welcoming doors in Meilen to provide premium hearing care services with a new concept steeped in the comforts of home. Meilen, Zürich, Switzerland -- (press release) -- 09/13/2017 --In an industry motivated by sales volume rather than ongoing kindness and attention to detail, a new concept makes its way to the fore. Recently launched by Birgitte Hansen, a hearing consultant and Phonak Premium Hearing Aids reseller, Hearing Home GmbH is on to something. Providing services for those in need of care for hearing in Meilen, the new business gives private consultations in-house, literally. Based in her home, Hansen gives what she will only refer to [...]

1109, 2017

Hearing Home: home-based hearing care center in Meilen

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Why is Hearing Home a home-based hearing care center? Let's face it, we audiologists work in an industry often motivated by sales volume rather than ongoing kindness and attention to detail. Over time, I have seen colleagues losing the focus on what brought us to this career path in the first place, which is (or should be) the willingness to help those in need as much as we possibly can. Fortunately, there are still many professionals that operate with a human-centric approach to hearing care. I truly admire them; they love their jobs regardless of the business performance and will never compromise on the most important thing in our activity, which is in my opinion, [...]

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