Audéo B-Direct: New Phonak Hearing Aids

Why Phonak Audéo B-Direct?

Audéo B-Direct by Phonak is the newest device in the hearing aid industry and it features some interesting functionalities that I believe my clients, both new to hearing aids and experienced, will deeply enjoy as of mid-September.

I have ranked the top five features that I consider life changing for mild to severe hearing loss consumers.

1. Connect to all cell phones (Made For All ‘MFA’)

Audéo B-Direct easily connects to any mobile phone whether it runs on Android, iOS or other operative systems. As long as it uses the widely adopted Bluetooth® technology, your phone pairs with your Phonak hearing aid seamlessly. This means that my clients are not required to upgrade their mobile phone or switch to another brand to benefit from this innovation.

This democratization step in the hearing industry delivers new opportunities to all consumers, and to half of my clients, who are using mobile phones other than iPhone.  

2. Hands-free calls

Imagine to answer phone calls with a touch of your hearing aids even if your phone is on the other side of the room. With Audéo B-Direct you can hear the phone ringing directly into your ears and decide to answer or reject calls with the simple push of a button on your hearing aids. Phonak Audéo B-Direct functions like a wireless (monaural) headset and utilizes its built-in microphones to facilitate conversations. That’s a truly hands-free functionality!

Clients can conduct a phone conversation without holding the phone. Calls in noisy environments will be also significantly better, especially if you wear two hearing aids. 

3. TV in high-quality stereo

Phonak Audéo B-Direct turns the hearing aids into wireless TV headphones. It automatically connects to a new wireless accessory called ‘Phonak TV Connector’ that allows users to enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies and programs in the best possible sound quality. This small multimedia hub works with a distance up to 15 meters and supports an unlimited amount of connected hearing aidswith one device.

Clients are not required to wear an additional streaming device and they can enjoy up to 80 hours of TV listening with one hearing aid battery.

4. Remote Control with a mobile app

The new Phonak remote app allows users to adjust your hearing aids from any smartphone. It optimizes your Phonak hearing aids by providing more control and flexibility. Clients can adjust volume, balance (left/right) and programs to fine tune your hearing experience every time you want. In addition, a feature called ‘environmental balance’ gives the possibility to balance the volume level of the surrounding environment and the streamed signal.

Easy-to-follow pairing wizard helps connecting the app to the hearing aids. Clients don’t need body-worn streaming devices anymore.

Download on App Store – Download on Google Play


5. Adapts to every sound automatically

All the above features come without compromise on the hearing aid sound quality introduced with the Belong platform in 2016. Phonak Audéo B-Direct is built on the unique operating system called AutoSense OS™. The hearing aid accurately captures and analyzes the sound environment, then precisely blends feature elements from multiple programs in real time to provide a seamless listening experience.

Although the Remote Control app allows users to independently adjust the sound around them, some still prefer the automatic mode. AutoSense OS it’s a great way to improve speech understanding (20% versus use of manual program).


Birgitte Hansen, AuD

CEO of Hearing Home GmbH located in Meilen, Zürich, Switzerland. I am a hearing care professional (Dipl.-Ing.) with over 10 years of experience as a leading audiologist.

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